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Painting: Commercial, Industrial, Facility/Maintenance

As our company name suggests, we are a full service commercial, industrial and specialty coating painting company. While our services range to more than just your average coating project, painting is still at the core of our business. 

For over 60 years, our family has been part of community and regional construction, rehabilitation and remodeling projects. We pride ourselves on being able to handle projects of all sizes and scopes. 


Quality service and results is what we require from our executives, project managers and field crews in order to give our customers the best results possible.


Contact us today for all your painting needs: 

*Walls (Interior and Exterior)              *Equipment

*Wall Covering Installation                 *Wood (stained or painted)

*Concrete                                             *New Construction

*Roof Coatings                                    *Remodel

*Commercial                                       *Facility/Maintenance Painting

*Industrial                                            *Specialty/Murals/Logos

Floor Coatings

Tri-State Painting specializes in various types of fluid-applied, broadcast and trowel-down floor coatings. We offer a full range of products and applications to meet the needs of your facility: whether it be chemical resistance or a beautiful metallic entry, we have you covered.

Our team will be happy to offer suggestions of possible floor coating solutions from many product manufacturers. 

Some of our projects include: 

* Solid-color Epoxy Coatings           * Flake & Quartz Coatings

* Metallic Epoxy Coatings                * Urethane Coatings

* ESD Floor Coatings                        * Seamless, Sanitary Coatings

* Multi-color & Logo Embedded Coatings

* Line Striping

Polished Concrete
Bucket reflect.jpg

Polished concrete is the process by which a new or existing concrete floor or slab is mechanically ground and polished with specialized equipment and tooling to bring out the natural beauty and shine. 

Tri-State Painting introduced polished concrete to the area over 20 years ago as an alternative to floor coatings in areas where the moisture content of the floor would prohibit a successful coating application. Polished concrete has now become a unique and durable finish that can be left a natural concrete color or stained to add an extra aesthetic appeal to your area.

Beyond adding shine and beauty to your floor, polished concrete offers the following additional value:

*The process revitalizes and strengthens aging and new concrete.

*"Dusting" concrete is transformed into a dust-free floor.

*Porous concrete is converted into dense concrete.

*Light reflectivity in the space is dramatically enhanced.

*The ability to clean the floor is increased.

*The worry for peeling or cracking of a floor coating is eliminated.

Tri-State Painting has invested in industry-leading equipment and techniques. Contact us today to discuss how polished concrete could be the right choice for your facility.

Specialty Coatings & Services

Tri-State Painting has the personnel, equipment and experience to complete all your coating needs. We excel at specialty coatings and processes. Our services range from simple, single component coating applications to the highly technical. Our quality control program will meet any of your facility or end customer needs.

* Tank Linings

* Manufactured parts coating

* Electrostatic Painting

* Polyurea

* Foam systems with acrylic top coats

* Specialty epoxy coatings

* Water-proofing coatings

* Anti-graffiti guards

* Equipment coatings

* Sand/Abrasive blasting

* Urethane coatings

* Lead abatement

* Roof coatings

* Grain bins and silos

* Pole barn and metal building coatings

* Structural steel

* Overhead decks and ceilings

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